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Tthese diagrams are available for free and unrestricted download. Please help yourselves to any which will help you or your Ringers to progress with their ringing skills. What I recommend is that you print the diagrams using a colour printer and then draw in the Treble and one other bell using a suitably coloured marker pen; then laminate the pages for your Tower's training book.

You are welcome to contact me by email - please manually remove the extra 'z' in the email address. My main page is here.

Dove's Guide contains details of other towers - find out where you can ring whilst you are away from home.

Bellboard records all Quarter Peal, Peal and other ringing successes.

Minimus (4 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob


Doubles (5 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob : Plain Bob circle diagram : Plain Bob bob : Calling Plain Bob : Grandsire (small font) : Grandsire (large font) : Grandsire circle diagram : Grandsire bob and single : Grandsire bob and single explained : April Day (=Plain Bob with Grandsire Singles) : Antelope : Reverse Canterbury : Reverse Canterbury circle diagram : St Simons : St Simons circle diagram : Wellington Place : Stedman : Stedman circle diagram


Minor (6 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Double Plain Hunt : Plain Bob (small font) : Plain Bob (large font) : Plain Bob circle diagram : Plain Bob bob and single : Dixon's Bob Minor : Grandsire : Grandsire circle diagram : Little Bob : St Clements : Treble Bob Hunt : Double Oxford : Kent Treble Bob : Oxford Treble Bob : Cambridge Surprise : Cambridge Surprise circle diagram : Cambridge Surprise bob : Cambridge Surprise work explained : Norwich Surprise : Primrose Surprise : Ipswich Surprise : Passing the Treble


Triples (7 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob : Grandsire : Grandsire circle diagram : Stedman : Stedman Bobs and Singles explained


Major (8 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob : Treble Bob Hunt : Cambridge Surprise : Lincolnshire Surprise : Yorkshire Surprise


Caters (9 Bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob : Grandsire


Royal (10 bells) : Plain Hunt : Plain Bob



Quiet Please During Ringing : DANGER The Bells Are Up : Number of Bells In Play