Here is a list of some of my many writings, all available as PDFs. Please help yourselves. (Plenty of cures for the insomnia!)

I have recently been writing English lyrics to foreign Sea Shanties.

My novel "Nor The Years Condemn" is about a Bomber Commmand historian who stumbles across a secret from the 1943/1944 era. Alternate chapters cover the 1990s and 1940s storylines.

One-Act Plays : At The End Of The Pier : Bartleby the Scrivener : Three's A Crowd : Old Soldier : The Watchers Watched

Poetry - The 'Lancaster' series : At Dawlish : Twelve Merlins Come : Two Lancasters : Two Old Ladies : Where Are They Now : Old Lancaster Bomber

Video footage of the Two Lancasters at Dawlish and the Three Lancasters at East Kirkby

Poetry : Stand Still And Remember : Christmas 1914 : There, Their and They're : The Christmas Eve Ringers : the Doc whose Stethoscope was Cold : Albert's Improvisation : Sweep of Wings : the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Month on the Eleventh Day

Short Stories : Lychgate Tunnel and its sequel Blood and Custard : Gremlins On My Shoulder : Ringing Home : Scars And Memories : Implications

Snow (*adult content*) and its sequel The Second Envelope and its conclusion The Third Envelope

Tower Top (*adult content*) : Voice In The Dark

How to Design Databases

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