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I have no information on ARMY or NAVY matters;

I have no information on Fighter Command (Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tempests, Battle of Britain);

I have no information on Coastal Command (Sunderlands, Catalinas, Beauforts, Liberators);

I have no information on Transport, Searchlight, Balloon or Anti Aircraft Command;

I have no information on operations carried out from outside the UK;

I have no information on operations carried out by United States Forces.



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The query concerns a Royal Air Force Bomber Command aircraft, airman or aerodrome, including training units;

The query concerns operations carried out from the United Kingdom;

The query dates from the period September 3rd 1939 to May 8th 1945.

The 'modern photos' section of the Great Escape page includes local information and directions to the site. But I am not a PoW specialist.

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