Powerpoint CAN play MP4 High Definition (HD) video files!

Here's how to make Powerpoint play MP4 High Definition video files.

I use Powerpoint quite a lot and having recently bought a video camera which produces High Definition (HD) 1080p video footage in MP4 format, I found to my dismay that Powerpoint can't play these files. However, I have found a fix for this problem.

1) Download the VideoPad Video Editor video file converter and editor, this allows you to load your video clips in their original format and then edit / splice them together to assemble your movie, adding captions, sound files, narration etc. The demo/trial version is free but it's worth paying £25 or so for the full version.

2) Save the result using "Preset HD1080" as an AVI movie file. This does not result in pixellation and loss of video quality, but Powerpoint still can't play them ... so ...

3) And now the very easy part - rename mymovie.avi to mymovie.wmv and Powerpoint should be able to play it. It really is that simple. Thereafter, just assemble your videoclips in VideoPad, save them using this preset and rename them from avi to wmv. Simplissimo!

4) Very modern computers (Windows 7 or 8) should be quite able to play the result. However if your computer still can't handle this video file, again there is a dead easy fix. Download and install the free XP Codec Pack (this is a one-off task).

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