Additional remote control key fobs for NECO automatic garage doors

We had a remotely operated roller garage door supplied. However the basic price for the door includes only one key fob, which is the new 'high security rolling code' type as per the photo. There is no other way to operate the door automatically as there is not an internal switch or button inside the garage


Having extra fobs is handy as then you can operate the garage door without having your car keys to hand, and another household member may need one too. The supplier wanted £80 for a second fob, a price that I thought was distinctly excessive.

Robin (January 2015) comments : "There are black as well as grey case remotes for sale on Ebay, I bought black and apparently mine must be grey! Oh well you live and learn."






I do not sell any equipment myself, but this is how you program them. First of all, the new fobs are NOT programmed like you can see on Youtube videos where they are touched together and cloned. This DOES NOT WORK with the new high security fobs.

Have a new fob ready and remove the front cover of the control box in your garage. This cover is retained by four crosshead screws and is easily taken off. Inside the box you will see a circuit board with a small black button, this is circled in yellow on the above photo. Press this button and then press the desired button on the remote control fob. You will see the circuit board's LEDs flash quite brightly. Repeat this with any other buttons you want to program on the same fob, and then repeat with any extra fobs.

If you prefer to make the door close with a single press of the 'down' button instead of having to hold the button until the door has completely closed - and this does tend to make your finger sore - locate the small black jumper and move it from the location at the top of the arrow to the location at the bottom of the arrow. It's just a simple push fit. Now your door will close with a single press. You can cancel the close by a single press of the 'up' button.

Note however that the budget doors do not have an auto-stop device to halt the door closing if it meets an obstruction such as your car, a pet or child, and damage or injury could result if you make this change to the operating mode. If you do change the door to 'single press close' and you have pets or children about, keep an eye on the door as it closes, and be ready to stop it if necessary, with a single click of the 'up' button.

Test that the newly programmed fobs work correctly and then replace the front cover.

One really neat extra trick is to hugely increase the distance at which the remote box recognises the fobs. The standard aerial is a very short black wire hanging down from the side of the control box. I found that the distance at which the fob operates was rather short - little more than from the driveway outside the garage, so I wanted to be able to operate the doors from further away.

This is easily done with almost no effort! Take a two foot length of spare unused electrical flex and strip out one length of wire, it doesn't matter which colour it is. Just knot the end of this with the end of the existing aerial wire and let the long length dangle down. Hey presto - triple the range of your fob's reception. You may even be able to operate the door from the end of your road!

For your information, the black slider switch merely reverses the 'up' and 'down' button functions and normally you won't need to alter this.

On November 9th 2014 a correspondent said : "Many thanks for your article. Had the same problem; fob price was insane. I have bought a grey fob on ebay for £14. It is ridiculous to hold down the close button and I found your article. You are the star."