Honda NT650 Deauville : Repainting the Wheels

Skill Level : 2. Dirty Level : 1. Work Mess Level : 1. Tools level : 1. Space required : 1

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This page refers to a UK specification 650 Deauville and I can't speak for what differences there might be on other variants. I welcome amplification of any points from other owners - by all means contact me with a view to providing comparable photos, which I'll credit accordingly.

Words and pictures : Jonathan Buck. Web layout : Rob Davis

Jon says : I used:

1 - Silver foil
2 - metal sanding material
3 - Hammerite paint (can use spray or normal paint). I used smooth silver
4 - a good quality paint brush
5- masking tape

My Honda Deauville wheels were looking old and tatty and I decided they needed a new look due to the colour and flaking condition that they were in. I'm not a pro so I didn't take the wheels off, but I'm sure it will look just as good if you leave them on the bike to do the work.

Somehow the Deauville's wheels just attract the dirt, and the quality of the metal does not make it easy to keep them clean.

What I did first was to give the wheel a good wash to remove any muck and dirt.

To remove the loose flaking paint on the wheel, I used silver foil rolled into a ball and a sanding block that was appropriate for metal.

Next I gave the wheel a wash to remove any last remains of the original paint.

Finally I put masking tape around the wheel so that none of the paint would go onto the tyre.

Here you can see that I painted my wheel with a thick coat, then left it to dry for an hour.

Next came another two coats, leaving each one to dry fully before applying the next one.

Finally - remove the masking tape - and see the transformation!

If you look closely at the wheels you can see brush marks; however I imagine if you remove your wheel and spray it you'd get a smoother finish, but I don't see many people looking closely at my wheels, just to notice a few slight brush marks.

Thanks Jon - a useful guide - and a handsome looking Deauville!