Changing the steering bearings on your NT650 Deauville

I have just done this job on the Red Fox (July 2020) and the best advice I can give you is - don't try this at home. It requires specialist tools to extract the steering bearing outer race from the bottom of the fork yoke. The outer bearing rim lies well within the recess at the steering yoke's bottom end, and it has no protruding lip against which a pipe or other tool, slid down the hollow tube from the handlebar end, can engage with or bear against.

It just so happened that I was able to find in my odds-and-ends toolbox a peculiar shaped and very thick German-made Allen key - a huge one - which gave me just enough purchase on the lower outer ring to persuade it to come out.

I strongly advise you to put this work into the hands of a professional motorcycle mechanic, who will first of all have previous experience of this job and will also have the right tools available to extract the old bearings and fit the new ones.

I bought the replacement roller bearings set from eBay and these were perfectly fine. But trying to make the lower bearing fit over the bottom of the steering yoke and then trying to persuade the outer ring to fit into the lower end of the headstock was not something that the average DiY mechanic will be able to do; hydraulic equipment is required.

Sorry readers - grit your teeth if your bike needs new steering bearings - get it round to a competent professional.

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