Honda NT650V Deauville : Knuckle Wind Deflectors

(Windabweiser, Defletores de Vento)


<< these fit ALL models of the NT650V Deauville

they do NOT fit the 700 Deauville >>

they do NOT fit the unfaired NTV650 >>

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In 2012 Honda discontinued the plastic wind deflectors which are attached to the outer edges of the top fairing, and which completely sweep the slipstream off your hands, making riding in the rain or winter much more comfortable. After fitting the deflectors there is no wind at all on your hands, whilst riding. Although - as I have found out - in very hot weather you might need to hold your hands out into the wind to cool them down!

These deflectors are so useful and a really necessary accessory. Consequently I commissioned a plastic manufacturer to make them. They are identical to the discontinued ones, except that they don't have the cosmetic edge trim.

A set of deflectors fitted to the 650 Deauville of Michael Schöne, May 2019

A set of deflectors fitted to the 650 Deauville of Jasper Gideonse, October 2017

Note how the deflectors are mounted - pointed edge upmost, and just behind the mirror stalk. You don't need to drill any holes as the existing fairing bolt holes are used.

<< These come complete with 4 sets of stainless steel capscrew holding bolts, washers and dome nuts. No drilling is required to fit them.

I have 17 pairs available for immediate delivery.




Many thanks to all my customers in the UK, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Here are some comments from happy customers:-

"These wind deflectors are great. Easy to fit. And they do exactly what it says on the tin. Can't wait until it rains!" (Alex Price-Alexander)

"Thanks for the wind deflectors they are brilliant. Went out on Sunday in really bad weather (very wet and windy) and they really did the trick, so glad I got your web site for all the info." (Malcom Watton)

"My new Hand Deflektors from Rob Davis, Thank you very much!" (Juergen Kuschick)

"Only thing is, the hand deflectors proved to be so good, I had to get a new pair of lighter gloves to stop my hands getting too hot in summer." (John Turner)

"Received my deflectors this A.M., looking good, many thanks for a job well done." (GOG)

"Just back from a road test......WOW what a difference, even helmet noise has been greatly reduced. Could almost have gone out with no gloves on " (KELLSTORM)

"Just received the hand deflectors. they fitted to the bike lovely Thank you very much, and well done." (PATC)

"First ride with the deflectors went well, heavy rain toward the end of the trip but hands almost completely dry - well pleased." (GLACIAL)

UK price for first-class signed-for delivery is £56 by cheque or bank transfer (BACS), £58 via PayPal or £50 if you collect from Telford, Shropshire.

For EU countries including Norway, delivery by tracked airmail, £UK65 via PayPal. Bank transfer is also available.

For Australia / New Zealand, delivery by tracked airmail, £UK68 via PayPal.Bank transfer is also available.

For other countries, please ask me for a price.

Please email me here (remove the extra 'z' from the email address) to enquire and be sure to put 'Deauville' in the message body or subject line, to pass through my spam filters. Also please tell me your address.

After posting your parcel I'll give you the Royal Mail tracking number.

Don't forget to give me your postal mailing address, unless you wish to collect.

Encouraging news on the 650 Footguards!

I have just collected another set of 20 hand wind deflectors and these are now back in stock. But the good news is that my supplier has expanded his business and equipment and says that he can not only make the footguards themselves, which we knew was simple enough, but that he now has the facility to make the fitting kit as well.

Those who followed my earlier idea of having the 650 footguards made will remember that it was the price of tooling-up for the fitting kit which made the project uneconomic. However my supplier has promised to give me an all-in price which we expect to make the project economically feasible.

At the moment he can't commit to a definite price. I have sent him my spare set of new footguards and fitments and he will examine these in detail before reverting with a price; but we are expecting that I will be able to make these available to 650 owners at well under £100, plus postage.

I will of course keep everyone informed and really hope that those who have been unable to source the 650 footguards will be able to obtain them from me. I know that those who have bought the hand wind deflectors from me - some 430 owners now - have been delighted wih them.

Watch this space!

I have no plans to have deflectors made for the 700 Deauville.