The Hannover Express

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This project would have taken me much longer without donations of spare parts and assistance from the following people:-

Gary Claus for sharing the red tank, side panels, clocks, coils, tail and nose cones and front forks from a scrapped CX500Z.

Ian Smith for companionship, driving, navigation, labour and humour on what could have been a much more fraught trip to Hannover to collect the massive set of spare parts. I look back on this operation and wonder how the hell we did it! CX vicit omnia.

Reg Worth for loaning the van and all the members of the Consortium who put money into the project, and who had faith in me to complete it.

Wouter Barten for the most generous swap of his Hannover swinging arm + differential for my Hannover swinging arm; and for collecting some Ebay parts for me and adding a few needed extra bits.

Richard Todd for discovering a saddle, black tank (which then became my spare), H-box, engine bolts and smaller items in a scrapyard, and grabbing them for me.

the late Tony Nissen for a large collection of highly useful assorted top quality nuts and bolts, capscrews, caliper brackets, sundry spare parts and and for freeing up my seized spare brake calipers.Tony was just not satisfied until he had given me every conceivable capscrew that I might need.

the late Trev Hadley for a set of exhaust downpipes and a left hand cylinder head; and with Howard Bell, forming, with me, the three man group which organised, bought, collected (on the hottest day of the year in July 2004) and distributed the Basingstoke Spares. Thanks again to Trev for much valued assistance in removing and replacing the engine whilst we helicoiled all 5 of the timing inspection plate holes. Howard again for a proper ignition switch to replace the rather tired one I had originally installed.

Philip Price for collecting an Ebay tail cone for me and for the gift of a rear brake pedal.

Paul Thompson for a pair of handlebars.

Peter Mosdell for the very generous swap of an aftermarket h-box for some trifling bits and pieces.

Hugh Taylor (Shuggy) for a refurbished front brake master cylinder.

Rod Birtles for a rear timing cover and gasket, plus a rear carrier.

Skippy for a Givi universal top-box mounting plate.

Alan Speed (Ebay) for prompt delivery of various spares and the donation of a spring. I particularly recommend this Ebay supplier.

My wife Sandy for putting up with the Hannover Express living in the conservatory whilst the rebuild was in progress.

Ebay UK for the means to buy an airbox bracket, CDI, handlebars and switchgear, headlight and ring, new h-box, saddle, radiator shrouds and surround, flasher unit and other sundry bits and pieces.

UK Owners Club Members for constant support and encouragement and the MCC Shop (Skippy) for next-day delivery of a set of steel brake lines, hydraulic brake light switch, and windscreen.

Please let me know if you made a contribution of any sort, and you are not listed - I don't claim that my memory is infallible.

You are welcome to email me.